dot Net Framework


            This is the environment for building, deploying and running Web Services and other applications. It contains three main parts

·          CLR

·          Framework Classes

·          unified class libraries


Common Language Runtime (CLR):

            The common language runtime is the execution engine for .NET Framework applications. It provides a number of services, including the following:

o    Code management (loading and execution)

o    Application memory isolation

o    Verification of type safety

o    Conversion of IL to native code

o    Access to metadata (enhanced type information)

o    Managing memory for managed objects

o    Enforcement of code access security

o    Exception handling, including cross-language exceptions

o    Interoperation between managed code, COM objects, and pre-existing   DLLs (unmanaged code and data)

o    Automation of object layout

o    Support for developer services (profiling, debugging, and so on)

       CLS and CTS are there in CLR.


Common Language Specification (CLS):

            It is the set of guidelines for the language supporting the CLS to follow, so that it can communicate with other .NET languages in a seamless manner. The CLS is a set of constructs and constraints that serves as a guide for library writers and compiler writers.


Common Type System (CTS): 

            The common type system is a rich type system, built into the common language runtime that supports the types and operations found in most programming languages.


Types of Application in .Net Frame work

o    Console application

o    Windows Application

o    Web application

o    Class library

User control


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